"Sherman's soul drenched vocals were delivered with passionate intensity, his beautifully fluid guitar playing made my hair stand on end"
- Dave Kingsbury!

"Right from the very first note you knew you were in for something special. - Dave Kingsbury

"He obviously decided to go for the grandstand and gave possibly the best performance I've seen him give - which is really saying something ... he gave them the lot and they (and I) loved it all. So good to see him back and, with a bit more new stuff, he really ought to be up there giving the big guys a run for their money". - Brian L Smith - Songbook Magazine

"Next up was, of course, Sherman and BluesMove - again! The opening bars - just had your spine tingling and you knew you were in for the business. He attacked the music and audience simultaneously felling riffs and runs and people in general with stunning showmanship and with those hard stares he holds their attention just as your old headmaster could". - Diane Gillard, Bluesmatters

"Sherman and BluesMove came on and soon the whole atmosphere was electric and I forgot my aching body" - Sister Feelgood

"Sherman Roberson exudes star quality to such an extent that when he tells the lady in pink to "get that coat off and come and dance on the stage", you know exactly what she's going to do! For fans of the great man, myself included, this appearance ended a long wait for Sherman to tour again on this side of the Atlantic." - Gerry Woods

"From the opening Guitar Man, you know you are in the company of greatness and he knows he is in the company of a well above average pick up band ... and once you have marvelled at Sherman`s guitar playing (on a magnificent old Gibson) you can appreciate what a fine voice he has too. " - Chris Simmonds (Scots Blues News)

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